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1. INTRAsystems High Performance Entrance Matting Brochure
high performance entrance matting

Published [26/10/2023]File size [30650 KB]

INTRAflex® Radial Entrance Matting Brochure
INTRAflex Radial is designed for use in and beyond revolving doors, or to suit shaped building facades and architect-designed feature areas.

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INTRAflex® XT Entrance Matting Brochure
At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively throughout the UK at high profile locations, providing optimum durability, performance and aesthetics

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INTRAflow® Entrance Matting Brochure
Heavy-duty, drainable aluminium Entrance Matting for efficient moisture removal. Ideal for exposed areas with high footfall levels.

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INTRAflow® Plus Brochure
Heavy-duty, drainable aluminium Entrance Matting for optimum moisture removal Tough aluminium profiles provide exceptional durability.

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INTRAform DM EcoSwitch® Brochure
INTRAform DM ecoSwitch® is a groundbreaking product addressing environmental concerns in architecture and industry, promoting circular economy practices. Entrance Matting

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INTRAform FR Waterlogic London Underground V6
Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with specialist multi-directional fire resistant and low toxic smoke emission inserts, approved for Section 12 locations. Specifically designed for high risk areas such as the London Underground and Crossrail, INTRAform FR is listed on the London Underground Product Register.

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INTRAform® DM LP Brochure
INTRAFORM® DM LOW PROFILE Heavy duty aluminium entrance matting that combines the performance advantages of extra wide fibre with a low profile design for versatile installation.

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INTRAform® Entrance Matting Brochure
Architectural Entrance Matting

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INTRAgrille Architectural Grilles Brochure
INTRAgrille is a superb range of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel grilles by INTRAsystems, which provide a stunning architectural finish for both interior and exterior applications

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INTRAgrille Architectural Grilles T3465
Walkways, platforms & staircases • Trench heating covers • Service trench covers • Architectural features • Entrance grilles • Light wells • Ventilation • Facades • Drainage

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INTRAgrille Architectural Grilles T5060S
Walkways, platforms & staircases • Architectural features • Trench heating covers • Service trench covers • Entrance grilles • Ventilation • Light wells • Drainage

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INTRAgrille C8080 Architectural Grilles
Architectural Grilles

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INTRAgrille Ceilings Brochure
Creative Ceilings - a range of linear metal grilles that offer a creative alternative to conventional suspended ceiling systems.

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INTRAgrille Ceilings Brochure -T4545 155
creative ceilings

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INTRAlink² Interlocking Tile System Brochure
Intrasystems IntraLink² Recycled PVC Grid Entrance matting. Recycled matting. Heavy duty interlocking tiles. Recycled fibre inserts. IntraluxEliteSelectUltimate. Econyl. Purebase.

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INTRAlux Gripfit Product Brochure
A revolutionary surface mounted Entrance Matting solution for retro-fit applications; designed for rapid installation with no adhesive and no visible fixings

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INTRAlux Linear Product Brochure
Heavy duty ribbed fibre for proven longevity and durability. An efficient and cost effective solution for a wide range of busy commercial environments.

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INTRAlux® Elite Brochure
INTRAlux Elite Polyamide Sheet Fibre Barrier Matting. Entrance Matting.

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INTRAlux® Premier Brochure
A high quality tiled mat format, made from 100% recycled Econyl yarn. Premier provides good dirt and moisture removal to help protect internal floor coverings.

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INTRAlux® Prestige Brochure
Luxuriously soft walk-off entrance matting fibre, perfect for hotels, high-end retail and offices where comfort and dirt absorption is a priority.

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INTRAlux® Select Brochure
This cost effective, hard-wearing barrier matting provides high levels of soil and moisture retention whilst still being comfortable underfoot. All the key requirements are met making this a popular choice for applications where budget is a priority

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INTRAlux® Ultimate Brochure
INTRAlux Ultima, Polyamide Sheet Fibre Barrier Matting. Entrance Matting.

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INTRAshape Matting Brochure
Entrance Matting, Entrance mats, Barrier matting, commercial entrance flooring, threshold matting

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INTRAsystems Back to Work Essentials Corporate Office
Infection Control Floor Mats, Social Distancing Floor Mats, Sneeze Screens, Cough Guards, infection barrier screens and booths. Entrance Matting, Covid-19 protection.

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INTRAsystems Operation & Maintenance Guide

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INTRASystems Specifying Matting Education
Entrance Matting for Schools and Universities and Educational Environments.

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INTRAsystems Specifying Matting Hospitals and Healthcare
Entrance Matting for Hospitals and Healthcare Environments

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INTRAsystems Specifying Matting Road Rail & Air v3
Entrance Matting for Road, Rail, London Underground Stations, Air and Mass Transport Hubs. INTRAform DM, INTRAflow Plus, INTRAlux Premier, INTRAform FR and INTRAmatting Waterlogic drainable matwell bases.

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INTRAsystems Waterlogic Product Brochure
High Performance Entrance Matting. Drainable support system designed to provide optimum performance in areas of extreme traffic flow and excessive moisture ingress.

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INTRAsytsems Open for Business Brochure 2020
COVID-Secure Business Essentials Brochure. Covid-19 Virus Infection Control Accessories. Hand Sanitiser Dispensers and Sanitising Stations. Disinfectant Mats. Sneeze and Cough Screens, Screening and Booths. Social Distancing indicating Mats.

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INTRAtech® Entrance Matting Brochure
INTRAtech® Entrance Matting, An exceptionally durable aluminium Entrance Matting system for superb aesthetics and performance in high traffic areas. The square modular tile system creates a unique design statement.

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