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1. Hepworth Clay Product Guide CL110
SuperSleve HouseDrain Vitrified Clay drainage pipes. HepGuard gully grids and gratings. SuperSleve clay drainage channels. HepLine surface water colletion. Land drainage. Universal Access Systems Access Chambers.

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2 - Hepworth Clay Specification Brochure
clay drainage

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3. Hepworth Clay Trade Price List 1st March 2020
SuperSleve HouseDrain vitrified clay drainage pipes. Drainage channels, yard and road gullies, HepGuard Stoptap Guards, Hepline land drainage, Inspection chanbers.

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4. Hepworth Terracotta Product Guide Jan 2020
Fireplace construction elements. clay Ridge tiles, chimney pots, air bricks, gas terminals, ventilation terminals,

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5. Hepworth Rat Barrier Data Sheet
Hepworth Clay Rat Barrier prevents sewer rats from entering domestic or commercial premises

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6. Hepworth Telescopic Rest Bend Data Sheet
clay drainage

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7. Hepworth Terracotta Price List TE101 March 1st 2020
Clay Flue Liners, Chimney Pots, Ventilation Terminals Fireplace Throat Units, Fireplace construction elelments, Gas Terminals, Angled Ridge Tiles, Airbricks

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Hepworth Clay Case Study Housing Development
Hepworth SuperSleve Vitrified Clay pipes and fittings are suitable for adoptable, domestic, commercial or industrial drainage,

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Hepworth Clay National Blood Transfusion HQ case study

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Hepworth Clay Pipe Cutting Guidance

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Hepworth Clay Royal Liverpool Hospital case study

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Hepworth Clay Training Academy case study

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Hepworth Flue and Chimney Stack Construction
Chimney construction. Flue liners, chimney pots. Stell gas terminals.

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Hepworth Notice Plate
Chimney Notice Plate completion guide As required by the Building Regulations Approved Document J 2010 (Clauses 1.57-1.59) for hearth,fireplace, flue and chimney installations.

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Hepworth Ventilation Terminal Selection

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Wolseley UK Chooses SuperSleve for sustainable building center
clay drainage

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