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1 - Schluter Systems Price List 2019
Balcony Drainage, Balcony Waterproofing, Balcony Finishing Profiles, Balcony and Walkway Waterproofing Systems, Balcony Gutter & Drainage System, Drainage Membranes, Uncoupling Passive Capillary Drainage Mat, Sound Insulation Mats

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1. Schlüter® Balcony Construction
Balcony construction

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1. Schlüter® Cantilevered Balconies
Cantilevered Balconies, Structural assemblies

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1. Schlüter® Ground Level Terraces & Patios B
Ground Level Terraces & Patios, Covering assemblies with bonded waterproofing, uncoupling and vapour pressure equalisation Terrace and Patio Waterproofing and Drainage

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1. Schlüter® Roof Terraces C Structural Assemblies
Schlüter-Systems has developed a complete product range of integrated components for the complete assembly of balconies, ground level terraces and roof terraces from a single source, ranging from area drainage to bonded waterproofing assemblies, uncoupling, edge profiles and gutters.

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stainless steel spout for draining balconies and terraces that are enclosed by a parapet wall.

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Schluter-TROBA Drainage Mat
Drainage mat for use over sloped waterproofing layers

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Schluter-TROBA-LINE Drainage Channel
Drainage channels for low connecting heights on Balconies and Terraces

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Schluter-TROBA-STELZ-DR Pedestal Support Rings
Pedestal support rings for large format pavers on balconies and terraces

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Schlüter®-BARA-ESOT 5.1
Support profile for skirting tiles

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Schlüter®-BARA-R 5.2
Edging profile for screed installations on balconies and terraces

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Schlüter®-BARA-RAK 5.5
Edging profile fixed onto inclined screeds

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Schlüter®-BARA-RAM 5.6
Balcony Floor Assembly Edging profiles fixed into screed bed

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Schlüter®-BARA-RAP 5.17
Cover profiles for lateral balcony edges

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Schlüter®-BARA-RK 5.4
Balcony Edging profiles for exposed screed edges

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Schlüter®-BARA-RTK 5.9
Balcony and Roof Terrace Edging profile with integrated gutter attachment channel

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Schlüter®-BARA-RTKE/-RTKEG 5.21
Finishing profile with T-shaped chamber for the attachment of gutters

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Schlüter®-BARA-RTP 5.11
Edging profile for subsequent gutter installation on Balconies and Roof Terraces

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Schlüter®-BARA-RW 5.3
Balcony Edging profile for thin bed tile installations

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Schlüter®-BARA-RWL 5.15
Edging Angled finishing profile

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Schlüter®-BARIN 10.1
Gutter system for balconies and terraces

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