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1 - Schluter Systems Price List 2019
Waterproof Membranes, Adhesives, Corner Sections, Wetroom Floor Drains, Pipe Collars, Bathroom Waterproofing, Wetrooms, Ceramic Tile Inspection Panel, Shower Wall Transition and Sloped Profiles, Drainage Membranes, Crack Bridging Membrane,

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Profiles for drainage channels in wetroom shower floor slopes

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Schluter 6.2 DITRA-DRAIN
Drainage for floor assemblies Thin bed drainage, ventilation, uncoupling

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Schlüter 8.1 Kerdi Waterproof Membrane
Waterproof Membrane for substrate protection

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Schlüter 8.2 Kerdi Drain
Floor drains for bonded waterproofing assemblies, Wetroom Floor Drains, Shower Drains

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Schlüter 8.4 KERDI COLL
two component sealant adhesive for adhering and sealing overlaps of Schlüter®-KERDI membranes

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Schlüter 8.5 Kerdi Drain SP
Drainage spout for bonded waterproofing assemblies

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Schlüter 8.6 KERDI-SHOWER
Drainage floor level showers

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Schluter 8.7 KERDI Line Drainage
Drainage linear drains for bonded waterproofing assemblies

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Schlüter 8.8 KERDI SHOWER L
sloped trays and levelling boards for linear drainage channels in showers and wetrooms

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Schlüter 8.9 Kerdi TS
Seaming strip for bathtubs and showers

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Schlüter KERDI waterproofing installation
guaranteed waterproofing installation

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Schlüter Kerdi Line Drain Wetrooms Brochure
All the tools you need to create barrier-free, floor-level showers

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Schlüter Kerdi Shower
System components for floor level showers,wet room floor drainage, wetroom floor drain, Shower drain

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Schlüter My Kerdi Line Brochure
Personalised shower drain gratings

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Schlüterr 8.3 KERDI FIX
Waterproofing Installation adhesive for connections and abutments

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