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1. Tor Torrex Brochure 2017 18
Fire upgrading and fire retardant coating solutions for internal communal areas

Published [05/05/19]File size [438 KB]

3. Tor Elastadeck Brochure
Intelligent waterproofing and floor coating refurbishment for balconies and walkways

Published [05/05/19]File size [3149 KB]

4. Elastaseal Z - Singles Brochure
A fully low odour Liquid Waterproofing System developed to solve problems associated with the long term waterproofing on flat, pitched and domed roofs

Published [07/06/19]File size [3871 KB]

5. Elastaseal Z - Liquid Waterproofing
Liquid Waterproofing - Zero joints, Zero leaks

Published [07/06/19]File size [2882 KB]

6. Unicover - High Performance Coating System
A High Performance Coating Systems for Commercial Buildings. Solutions for: External Wall Cladding Roof Cladding / Gutters Internal Walls

Published [07/06/19]File size [10239 KB]

Tordeck™ HD Balcony Coating System
Tordeck™ HD Balcony Coating System

Published [30/05/17]File size [720 KB]

Torprufe EMF Masonry Coating System
Torprufe™ EMF is an elastomeric water-based acrylic coating system

Published [30/05/17]File size [223 KB]

Torsan Acrylic Eggshell Anti-Bacterial Paint
Acrylic Eggshell Anti-Bacterial Paints and Coatings

Published [08/06/18]File size [1524 KB]

Torsan Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Paint
Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Paints and Coatings

Published [08/06/18]File size [374 KB]

Torsan WBU Anti-Bacterial Paint
Anti-Bacterial Paints and Coatings

Published [08/06/18]File size [348 KB]

Torshield Masonry Finish SDS2
smooth matt masonry finish, for concrete, cement and pebble dash

Published [30/05/17]File size [442 KB]

Torstrip WBS Water Based Stripping
Torstrip™ WBS is used to remove existing multi-layered paint from walls and ceilings

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