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1. Tunnelling Brochure
Sprayed Concrete & Ground Support, Grouting & Injection, Waterproofing Systems, Tunnel Support Systems.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [580 KB]

2. Watertight Structures Brochure
Integral Waterproofing Treatments, Construction and Movement Joint Systems, Surface Applied Penetrative Waterproofing Treatments, Liquid applied Waterproofing Coatings and Membranes, Sheet Membranes, Water Plugging

Published [07/11/2019]File size [710 KB]

3. Mining Brochure
Mine Ground Support, Rock Reinforcement, Roadways and Cast Concrete, Mine Water Control, Mine Backfill.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [645 KB]

4. Ground Engineering Brochure
Foundation Strengthening and Underpinning, Slab Jacking, Stabilisation and Void Filling

Published [07/11/2019]File size [631 KB]

5. Microfine Cement Brochure
Microfine and ultrafine cements for rock, and soil injection and general concrete and masonry repair.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [2263 KB]

6. Normet Injection Solutions for Water Control and Ground Engineering Brochure EN
Injection Solutions for Water Conrol and Ground Engineering. Water Control Injection Resins, Ground Improvement Injection Resins.

Published [06/10/2023]File size [3640 KB]

7. Rock Reinforcement
Rock reinforcement in underground mining, tunnelling and construction of underground spaces. D-Bolt Rock Reinforcement.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [2552 KB]

8. TamSeal 800
Spray Applied Waterproof Membrane Systems. Tunnel Waterproofing.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [481 KB]

8. TamSeal 800 TDS Global
High Performance Waterproofing Membrane

Published [06/10/2023]File size [476 KB]

Construction Chemicals
For Mining, Tunnelling, Concrete Rehabilitation and Maintenance, Ground Engineering, Readymix and Precast Concrete Admixtures Admixes, Watertight Structures, Waterproofing, Water Tight Structures.

Published [07/11/2019]File size [887 KB]

Logistics and Transportation Offering Brochure EN
Our underground transport vehicles are designed to ensure efficient logistics and high productivity in underground mines and tunnel excavations.

Published [09/10/2023]File size [2489 KB]

Multimec SF 060 Stage III Technical Data Sheet EN
Multimec provides an innovative system for material transport in mines. The Multimec system consists of a series of cassettes, each for a different purpose, that fit on the common carrier. The rugged load handling device means the carrier can switch cassettes in less than one minute.

Published [09/10/2023]File size [9606 KB]

Normet D-Bolt Technical Data Sheet EN
The D-Bolt® is a rock reinforcement bolt comprised of a smooth steel bar with several deformed sections that act as anchor points along the bolt’s length.

Published [06/10/2023]File size [495 KB]

Normet Environmentally Friendly Injection Products Brochure

Published [06/10/2023]File size [1724 KB]

Normet Piccola Technical Data Sheet EN
Dry-mix concrete spraying machine

Published [06/10/2023]File size [598 KB]

Normet Silicate Modified Polyurea Injection Resin Brochure EN

Published [06/10/2023]File size [988 KB]

Normet SmartDrive Offering Brochure EN
Normet SmartDrive® is a modular battery-electric vehicle (BEV) architecture designed to optimize energy consumption and performance in underground mining and tunnelling applications

Published [06/10/2023]File size [2232 KB]

Normet TBM Additives Brochure 2021
Speciality chemicals for tunnel boring machines. Soil conditioners, tail sealants, main bearing greases and annulus grouts for TBM tunnelling applications.

Published [10/09/2021]File size [2659 KB]

Normet Utilift MF 540 Stage III and Stage V Technical Data Sheet EN
Utilift MF 540 Scissor Lift with lifting capacity up to 4.5 tonnes and max. platform height of 4.5 m is designed to provide a safe work platform for all kinds of installation works in tunnels up to 6.5 m (21 feet) high.

Published [06/10/2023]File size [1212 KB]

Sprayed Concrete Maintenance Materials
A series of non-toxic and environmentally friendly products that protect, aid and restore your Normet equipment. Sprayed Concrete Equipment Cleaners. Primers, Removers.

Published [18/11/2019]File size [1385 KB]

TamAcryl 2000 ECO Technical Data Sheet UK
Acrylic Injection Gel

Published [06/10/2023]File size [228 KB]

TamCem 102 Technical Data Sheet UK
Superplasticising Concrete Admixture

Published [06/10/2023]File size [400 KB]

TamCem 15 Technical Data Sheet EN
Superplasticiser for Micro-fine Cement Injection

Published [06/10/2023]File size [380 KB]

TamCem 23SSR Technical Data Sheet EN
Superplasticising Concrete Admixture

Published [06/10/2023]File size [378 KB]

TamCem EnviroGuard Technical Data Sheet EN
Hexavalent Chrome Reducing Admixture for Cementitious Binders Concrete

Published [06/10/2023]File size [171 KB]

TamCem HCA Plus Technical Data Sheet EN
Consistent Control Admixture, Incorporating a Dormant Strength Enhancer

Published [06/10/2023]File size [403 KB]

TamCem RMA 79 Technical Data Sheet EN
Rheology Modifying Admixture for Concrete

Published [06/10/2023]File size [112 KB]

TamCrete MFC Technical Data Sheet

Published [19/10/2023]File size [199 KB]

TamCrete UFC Technical Data Sheet

Published [19/10/2023]File size [159 KB]

TamFib SP Technical Data Sheet EN
Structural Polymer Macro Fibres for Reinforcing Concrete

Published [06/10/2023]File size [582 KB]

TamPur 130 ECO Technical Data Sheet UK
Semi-Flexible Polyurethane Grout

Published [06/10/2023]File size [152 KB]

TamPur 150 ECO Technical Data Sheet EN
Hydrophilic Flexible Polyurethane Grout

Published [06/10/2023]File size [143 KB]

TamPur Cleaners Technical Data Sheet EN
Polyurethane Cleaners

Published [06/10/2023]File size [346 KB]

TamRez 200FS Technical Data Sheet EN
TamRez 200FS Ultra Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy

Published [06/10/2023]File size [573 KB]

TamRez 240 Technical Data Sheet EN
High Strength All Weather Injection Epoxy

Published [06/10/2023]File size [575 KB]

TamRez Cleaner Technical Data Sheet EN
Solvent Cleaner for Epoxy Resins

Published [06/10/2023]File size [343 KB]

TamSeal 2200 PVC Technical Data Sheet EN
Synthetic Waterproofing Membrane

Published [06/10/2023]File size [611 KB]

TamSeal EP10 Technical Data Sheet EN
Spray Applied Polyurethane System

Published [06/10/2023]File size [525 KB]

TamShot 110AF Technical Data Sheet EN
Alkali-Free Accelerator for Sprayed Concrete

Published [06/10/2023]File size [400 KB]

TamShot 80AF Technical Data Sheet EN
Alkali-Free Accelerator for Sprayed Concrete Applications

Published [06/10/2023]File size [392 KB]

TamSoil 200CF Technical Data Sheet

Published [19/10/2023]File size [398 KB]

Tornado S2 Stage III Technical Data Sheet EN
Normet's Tornado S2 is a robust concrete mixer and transport machine

Published [09/10/2023]File size [2495 KB]

Utimec SF 300 Transmixer Stage III Technical Data Sheet EN
Concrete transport vehicles/machines, transmixers, agitators.

Published [09/10/2023]File size [959 KB]