Hauraton - Cable management for a logistics company
November 2023

A well-known logistics company, that aimed to switch to electric vehicles, planned within the design phase of their new distribution unit to have a cable trough system. With most businesses looking forward to the use of EV, managing cables for the charging points is essential.

Challenges lead to HAURATON winning the job

The original specification for concrete troughs meant the customer had a long lead time which did not meet the requirements of the programme of works. The contractor only had 12 weeks to complete the project and HAURATON were able to supply the full order within 3-4 weeks.

Customer confidence in the product

The use of FASERFIX SUPER for the cable routing system gave the customer confidence as it has a high loading class up to E 600.

The system has a solid ductile iron cover and also a boltless locking system which allows quick and easy access to the service channel giving flexibility. The site is now future-proof ready for when the fleet switches to electric.


Withstands extreme loads and dynamic forces up to load class E 600

Solid non-slip covers in durable ductile iron with KTL cathodic-dip coating; available with cable outlets for flexible management

Fire resistance class A1 (non-flammable) according to DIN 4102

Galvanised steel cable tray for practical space-efficient storage of cables and other utilities

Quick and easy access with SIDE-LOCK patented boltless locking system

Unit 4, Frenchs Avenue
LU6 1BH Dunstable / Bedfordshire / United Kingdom
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