Outdoor platform lift solution for private home
November 2023

Outdoor platform lift solution for private home

The client required an outdoor platform lift solution to overcome the steps leading up to their private modern home originally built on a hillside. The homeowners wanted to achieve ease of access for their visiting elderly parents but to also future-proof their investment. The client chose the Platform Lift Company due to its location and services, to provide and install a suitable replacement for an existing platform lift which was not fit for purpose.
Disability Access Solution

A site survey identified that the walled driveway positioned in front of the house provided the ideal position for the installation of a platform lift. This would provide access up to the front of the hard-landscaped garden and entrance door.

The Platform Lift Company’s Open Platform lift which can travel up to 3m provided the best solution. This product could be easily installed by the engineers without making any changes to the existing structure of the property and would aesthetically blend in with the appearance of the contemporary styling of the building and external landscaping.

Instead of digging down to create a shallow pit to install the platform lift, the project team used hard landscaping to build up to the level of the platform lift entrance. This was achieved using the same brick as the driveway to create a seamless appearance.

The platform lift did not require any modification as the standard model which features glazed panels and gates with a stainless-steel finish matched the existing architectural features of the property.

The Platform Lift Company installed the Open Platform lift within one day. The overall appearance of the outdoor platform lift is in keeping with the stylish three level property which features a glazed and stainless-steel fronted balcony area.

The platform lift has now future-proofed the property and enabled ease of access for the clients’ elderly parents. A follow up visit by the Platform Lift Company with the client also revealed that the platform lift is being shared with a neighbour as a gesture of good will.

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