HOIMI Clocks – Saudi Arabia
November 2023

HOIMI Clocks – Saudi Arabia

Clocks are a key architectural feature in many parts of the world and not just for telling the time but as a symbol of power and importance helping to make buildings stand out from the crowd. It was this exact reason why ‘G-Enviro’ in The Middle East got in contact with us regarding the manufacturing of clocks.

G-Enviro is a leading company in Telecom full turn-key projects and manufacturer of traditional and non-traditional supporting structures. As part of the unusual structures they create to mask unsightly telecom masts, they were looking for large clocks to create a focal point.

‘G-Enviro’ enquired all around the globe for who was the best manufacturer of large exterior clocks and after extensive research they decided that they wanted to work with a UK manufacturer and after discussing their needs with various companies they chose ‘Good Directions Ltd’.

Having looked at our selection of clock dials they chose our Skeleton bezel clocks for their traditional style, clarity of design and the fact that they could be illuminated. Their initial order was for 13 large Skeleton bezel clocks at 1700mm in diameter with a further 15 to follow featuring their company logo on the clock face, as these clocks were to take pride of place on their company buildings across Saudi Arabia.

The clocks were all back illuminated, meaning that visibility is always prominent, no matter the time of day or the weather. This ensured that their buildings were always in sight and stood out from the rest of the competition.

Because these clocks went abroad, they required our Total Control System (TCS) to control the clocks and work with the local power supply. Our TCS mechanisms can be programmed anywhere in world, keeping up with time changes and power outages. These are an invaluable piece of technology that will ensure any clocks purchased from us will last for many years to come.