A new wave of future-fit homes supported by Wavin Indoor Climate Solutions (ICS)
October 2023

Wavin has launched a new single-source solution for indoor climate, including underfloor heating, thermostats and controls, mechanical ventilation, and heat interface units. With tailored systems to meet all the latest building standards for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and ease of use in residential new builds.

The increasing consciousness of homeowners for energy efficient measures and changes to UK building regulations are changing the way homes are heated and ventilated. Wavin has just released its new research on how indoor climate solutions can add value for new homeowners. 93% of prospective buyers are concerned about energy costs and this sort of attitude has spurred on the need to know about energy performance measures included in a home on a new development. The question now is how to put this into practice and how developers can provide these requirements. Wavin’s indoor climate solutions can be the answer.

Key features of Wavin ICS:

Seamless integration of underfloor heating, MVHR, zone control, and heat interface units for heat network projects
Low maintenance and easy installation
Proven to deliver a more comfortable, healthier, and controllable living environment, with greater energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions

Martyn Neil, Wavin UK Commercial Director of ICS comments: “This is a real opportunity for developers to set themselves apart from the competition. Talking buyers through how their new home has been designed and constructed using the latest energy-saving heating and ventilation technology could be what it takes to tip interest into purchase”.

To find out more about Wavin indoor climate solutions and request a free consultation visit Wavin UK | Indoor Climate Solutions