Bournemouth University Upgrades Library Access with TORMAX
October 2023

Bournemouth University Upgrades Library Access with TORMAX (Oct 23)
As part of Bournemouth University’s ongoing commitment to improving the student and staff experience, TORMAX UK was recently contracted by Rocare Building Services Ltd to install a new automatic main entrance to the Sir Michael Cobham Library.

Consisting of two sets of double-leaf automatic sliding doors, the outer doors open to welcome visitors into a lobby area before the inner doors slide apart to allow access into the library’s main reception. This configuration allows a smooth through-flow of pedestrians whilst also reducing heat loss from the building and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

The Sir Michal Cobham Library is situated at the heart of the Talbot Campus and is home to Bournemouth University’s largest collection of printed resources, as well as over 300 PC’s, iMacs and laptops for loan. With a full remodelling programme being implemented across the Campus, the Library now benefits from the installation of a second lift, new flooring in many areas, as well as the TORMAX automatic entrance.

Ensuring quick response times to approaching foot traffic, as well as adaptable opening and closing speeds and hold-open time, the doors are powered by the Swiss-designed, TORMAX iMotion 2202 operators.

Featuring a state-of-the-art microprocessor control unit, a user-friendly interface allows staff to adjust door movement to reflect foot traffic levels and external weather conditions. Reliability is assured thanks to a uniquely designed AC motor that doesn’t have any of the usual gears and brushes that tend to wear out, delivering a longer than average life-span.

The smooth movement that the door drives generate is further enhanced thanks to vibration-absorbent mountings on the guide rails, ensuring whisper-quiet operation.

“TORMAX entrances can be found delivering reliable access to learning at universities across the UK,” comments MD for TORMAX UK, Simon Roberts. “With our reputation for reliability and low-maintenance solutions, our doors have been installed at universities in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Nottingham, London and Oxford University, to name but a few.”