Hewi - Inspiring variety in the project range
October 2023

HEWI has developed the 270 hardware series designed by Hadi Teherani into a comprehensive range of products with a wide variety of planning options.

Clear lines with a shape that feels good - these properties characterise the 270 hardware series with consistent solutions for the project sector and for the home living environment. The 270 lever handle has now been supplemented by a complete project assortment and the inspiring Choose your own Colour range, which includes 4,500 different shades. Together with the bicolor Edition and the mini design variant, the 270 hardware series now offers maximum planning versatility. In the stainless steel and powder-coated versions, it is suitable both for public, frequented areas such as offices and commercial buildings and for the home.

In the HEWI range, the carefully developed colour concepts are just one aspect that provide for extraordinary planning diversity. The design variants mini or bicolor also allow access to many individual design options in planning. The high-quality 270 hardware series now offers the brand new Choose your own Colour, an inspiring colour spectrum of over 4,500 possible colours, including trend colours such as Soothing Cedar Brown, Faded Cinder Rose or Somber Sage Green.

Trendsetting design with added value

HEWI, the leading expert for barrier-free sanitary and hardware solutions, has designed Series 270 so that it can be developed further and individualised. This concept makes it possible to use the product in an extremely versatile way and to integrate it into any architectural style. Even highly frequented rooms gain a more elegant, premium design impression with the use of Series 270. For a consistent design, the Series 270 lever handle has been extended to include a complete project range. For architect and designer Hadi Teherani, the development of Series 270 was a great challenge - in this context, he emphasises that HEWI is a company steeped in tradition with the strong System 111 design classic. So it was important for him to achieve further development while leaving the company DNA untouched. With Series 270, he is convinced that a product has been created that not only continues HEWI's history, but also transports it into the present. Fine details such as the joint between the lever handle attachment and the handle as well as the radius of the handle attachment create a harmonious overall appearance, together with the mini rosette, and give Series 270 its own unique character.

The new project range complies with all DIN standards

Series 270 is a fully comprehensive project range in accordance with DIN EN 1906 and DIN 18255. It is complemented by fittings for fire doors and escape routes, frame door handles as well as window handles, which allow for a fully comprehensive project furnishing. All models are designed in the proven H-technology for high-traffic commercial doors. The mounting technology fulfils the requirements of user category 4 according to DIN 1906 and is suitable for both the private sector and for heavily frequented office and commercial buildings. The solutions are available in matt black, satin stainless steel and up to 4,500 other powder colours. Clear edges and geometric lines characterise the purist design and are reminiscent of Tehrani's architecture in terms of form. The all-round edge also underlines the high precision and value.

Wide planning horizon: System 900 and Series 270 can be combined - colour of choice for project business

HEWI offers a huge planning horizon with its cross-system range. Series 270 can be ideally combined with the barrier-free architectural system S 900, which was developed in particular for sanitary rooms in senior residences, public buildings, hotels and in private homes. The idea behind it: to enable consistent design with HEWI from the door to the sanitary room, and right up to the window. Planning from a single source creates an overall look that is coherent down to the smallest detail. For the project business, HEWI also offers the option of having the fittings made in the colour of your choice.

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has developed into a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories, and accessible products. Over the past 90 years, the company has grown to become a topic leader in accessibility and a recognised expert in system design. In line with Universal Design, HEWI focuses on the individual needs of people.