The future is bright when solar farms are protected by Plantex® Platinium Solar
July 2022

Solar energy is a key renewable resource, but farms and other technical installations can face particular challenges from weeds. That’s where Plantex® Platinium Solar comes in: a special version of the high-performance landscape fabric with long term UV resistance. Plantex® Platinium Solar has a discreet dark green colour and can be left uncovered after installation. All the distinctive and valuable properties of the fabric apply:

Long-term, low maintenance, highly effective containment of unwanted growth
Soil health and biodiversity enhanced by water and air permeability
Robust performance due to high tensile strength and tear resistance
Quick and easy installation, with two widths available, including a 5m width to minimise joints
Eliminates the need for herbicides or mechanical removal of aggressive weeds

By virtue of its durability and resistance to degradation by UV, Plantex® Platinium Solar prevents any kind of vegetation from growing up and shadowing the solar collectors or other technical installations. Thus, the maintenance of solar plant equipment is considerably reduced, and solar energy can be maximised. Plantex® Platinium Solar ensures optimal energy efficiency throughout the installation’s lifetime and has limited product warranty for 8 years uncovered (see “warranty” for full conditions).