Discover Plantex® Platinium, the optimum solution to Japanese Knotweed
July 2022

Your most reliable ally in the battle against Japanese knotweed, couch grass, horsetail, hogweed and other such damaging and aggressive plants, Plantex® Platinium is designed for near-surface applications with an essential covering of 20 cm minimum. This intrinsically strong, high-performance fabric eliminates the need for herbicides or mowing, while its water and air permeability help to maintain soil health, stability and drainage. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in multiple field tests over many years.
Plantex® Platinium is low maintenance, working immediately and for the long-term

Once Plantex® Platinium has been correctly installed, its benefits can be appreciated immediately, and for many years to come. Visually unobtrusive, the fabric allows for a site that is clear of unwanted growth and easier to maintain. As reliably as Plantex® Platinium performs, regular inspection including of any overlap seams, is also important.
High Value Benefits

Proven effectiveness, now with even further advanced technology
Only a single application required, with minimal maintenance
Long-term peace of mind
A chemical free solution to EU and UK regulations on herbicide reduction and elimination
Enables healthy, stable and biodiverse soil as air, nutrients and water can pass through
Strong and resistant to damage, tearing and fraying
Fast and easy installation (clear and detailed guidelines should be closely followed)
Lasts at least 35 years, according to the limited product warranty
Available in widths of 2.50 m and 5 m (the latter is ideal for reducing seams on larger sites)
Part of a holistic system for root and rhizome control