Magply BBA Certification
July 2022

We are pleased to confirm that Magply has now completed a new BBA certification project and the certificate is now published.

The project was over two years and a full audit of the Magply existing testing was done by the BBA with many additional tests including a six-month test of the board for leeching that came back with a result of zero sweating and zero leeching.

This certification opens many new applications for Magply and offers full confidence that when using Magply you are using a BBA approved board with the most impressive testing library.

The Applications tested for this BBA was

Render systems with K REND (Parex and Wetherby completed all the testing also)
Timber frame construction
SFS construction
Spandrel panels
Fire protection

Magply is available ex stock from our Essex and Dublin distribution hubs , and we have a nationwide sales team available for training and support. The key selling point of Magply is it’s a one board solution to many others that you may hold in your depots.

There has never been a better time to move your depots and your customers over to Magply.