ION Glass - Porches that provide a stylish welcome
July 2022

All our glass porches are fully bespoke, designed and constructed to meet very individual requirements, whether it's a practical solution to create a more functional entrance or an innovative design to make a significant architectural statement :

Add a structural glass porch to the exterior of the building or construct it inside to create an internal lobby
Structural glass fins and beams can produce a minimal and wholly contemporary result with little or no intrusive metalwork
Consider the best option for your door. Hinged or pivot? Manual or automatic opening? Fully frameless, minimal or bespoke fixtures?
The doors can add a level of security, fitted with locks or alarms as required
What sort of glass? Low iron or clear float, coloured or a decorative glass finish
Add an applied glass manifestation with a wholly bespoke pattern or design

Take a look at how these very different porches improved the style and functionality of the building:
A striking design statement for maximum impact

A impressive external glass porch makes an unusual architectural statement on the exterior of this heritage building. It was constructed using a series of over-sized glass panels combined with structural glass fins and beams for a fully frameless result.

Frameless internal entrance
A residential property in Sussex retained the existing traditional wooden front door but added a contemporary frameless glass porch inside, greatly enhancing the flow of light to the interior of the property, improving the security and reducing heat loss.

Enclosed glass porch
Enclosing an original covered entrance with glass creates a secure, welcoming space and fully weatherproof space. The frameless glass door can be locked for additional security.

Glass entrance
This suburban home installed a simple frameless glass porch with a secure door fitted between two side panels and a glass over panel. With minimal visible fittings, the result is sleek and contemporary, enhancing the property.

An interior structural glass porch fitted to a seaside hotel avoided the strong sea breezes from entering the hotel with every guest. Light and airy it has minimal impact on the direct sea views and has a robust construction with the use of floor channels and discreet brackets.

Considering a bespoke glass porch? The expert team at Ion Glass will provide technical advice, measurements and drawings to ensure the result meets all your criteria, whether in a residential, heritage, ecclesiastical or commercial building.

For more information on our structural glass porches, glass screens, glass linkways, glass balustrades, glass infill panels, glass stairways or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.