CKE Law Drum Clock
July 2022

Good Directions LTD were recently commissioned to create one of their bespoke Double Sided Drum clocks for CKE Law firm who are based in Manchester. The law firm saw a Social Media post from Good Directions of a similar style clock which enticed them into making contact. CKE had very specific design criteria and both parties worked closely side by side to ensure that a correct and satisfactory design was met. This Drum Clock not only has bespoke vinyl sign writing on the dial, but an additional signage panel hanging below the dial also.

CKE Law wanted a clock to hang outside their offices, and because of this, wanted a colour scheme to match their existing branding and public image. Not only was their company name and the year they were established branded above and below the hands of the clock, but they also requested different coloured vinyl on the numerals ‘1’ and ‘5’. This was highlighted because of the year the firm was established, which was ‘2015’. Additionally, CKE requested a signage panel hanging below the dial, this signage panel was to display the company motto of “Personal Dependable Honourable”.

Good Directions are always happy to work alongside you to ensure that your exact design specifications are met and fulfilled. Producing bespoke jobs and allowing customers to see their creativity and design choices come to fruition is always a joy. So why not get in contact today to find out all they have to offer.