TROX Life Magazine - Air + Pharmaceuticals
November 2021

The pharmaceutical industry plays a significant role in the economic development of a country and in keeping the global population healthy and TROX has been a reliable and innovative partner to the pharmaceutical industry for decades.

It was in the 1990s that we first developed LABCONTROL, an innovative control system for highly sensitive areas. We have also been supplying highly efficient particulate filters to ensure the safe operation of pharmaceutical production facilities since the 1980s. Now more than ever, we are in an ideal position to provide our partners with comprehensive advice.

This is why the focus of the current TROX life is on the subject of “Air and Pharmaceuticals".

Among other things, you includes a report on the milestone project HighCon (high containment factory) from Pfizer in Freiburg. The factory is considered one of the largest and most modern digital pharmaceutical production facilities for highly effective drugs in Europe (containment production) and, thanks to innovative processes and technologies, will be the most efficient Pfizer site providing above-average productivity. In the highly sensitive areas of HighCon, TROX solutions ensure the highest level of safety, reliability and quality.

We also have several other exciting articles to entertain you on the subject of air and pharmaceuticals.

We hope you enjoy reading all about them!