How to maintain a wastewater treatment system
November 2021

In the UK, any homeowner with a wastewater plant on their property is responsible for its management, in line with latest Environment Agency (England and Wales) or Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) guidelines.

An essential part of maintaining a wastewater plant is servicing, which should be carried out by a qualified professional. At Kingspan, we have a national network of service engineers, who are British Water and Safe Contractor accredited. We also offer servicing plans and extended warranties for Klargester systems, to ensure your wastewater system operates optimally at all times, helping prevent groundwater pollution and ensuring you remain compliant.

How often should I service my wastewater plant?

You should have your wastewater system serviced at least once a year. Some models may need to be serviced more regularly. If you aren’t sure, check your manufacturer guidelines, which will have been issued along with your system.

The importance of regular checks

Sewage treatment plant maintenance is essential – regardless of the size or type of your system. Failing to maintain your system can cause health hazards and pollution, particularly so with septic tanks as failing to empty a septic tank may lead to blocking of your drainage field, and polluted groundwater in your garden.

Sewage “sludge” is material that builds up over time in a wastewater system. Sludge can compromise the treatment chamber if it’s not removed, which is why it’s important to get annual checks and “de-
sludge” regularly.

Keeping your wastewater system in good condition

The best way to ensure that your system remains in good condition is to get it emptied and serviced, as recommended by the manufacturer, and required by the EA and SEPA.

Beyond that, be careful about what you’re putting into the system. Don’t flush nappies, wet wipes, or sanitary towels, and avoid pouring strong chemicals down the sink or into drains. Food waste and fat should also be avoided. Here is a link to our ‘keeping your system running sweetly’ guidelines.

If you notice any bad smells coming from the system, this is a sign that it needs to be serviced. For more warning signs that your wastewater treatment system needs attention, check out our short explainer video on Facebook.

Is servicing a legal requirement in the UK?

Yes, servicing of wastewater systems is a legal requirement, and you will be responsible for making sure that your system doesn’t contravene UK-wide standards.

Part H of the Building Regulations states that small sewage treatment plants must be serviced at least once a year.

The Environment Agency has also set out rules for people who have small sewage systems, stating that: “The system must be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification”.

Maintenance must be undertaken “by someone who is competent” and “waste sludge from the system must be safely disposed of by an authorised person”. This means your engineer should be a person who has received accreditation from British Water.

What’s included in a Kingspan service plan?

Kingspan servicing is carried out by engineers certified by British Water, who have years of experience working with a range of systems.

Our service plans for Klargester wastewater systems cover:

• Checks on system integrity and operation
• Checks of all moving parts
• Effluent quality assessment
• Flow rate assessment
• Discharge consents
• Management system checks

In addition to checking over the equipment itself, your engineer will also make sure that your system remains legally compliant. To view our full scope of works, visit Kingspan Service Plans.

Sewage treatment plant service costs

The cost of your servicing will differ depending on your chosen plan. We offer three tailored packages suited to different budgets and needs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

All packages include routine maintenance visits, technical support, and help from a dedicated account manager. Our Silver package also includes discounts on parts and labour costs. For the most comprehensive service, opt for our Gold package, which offers free replacement of parts due to wear and tear, and free call outs.

Kingspan warranty details

Signing up for an extended warranty for your Klargester system is a good way to ensure that you’ll be covered for replacement parts. Depending on the make of your system, your extended warranty will cover you for up to seven years.

To be eligible for our extended warranty, your Klargester system must be commissioned by a Kingspan engineer or an accredited service partner. You’ll need to arrange a full service within one year of registering your warranty, and arrange servicing once a year (see service plans above).

Our warranties are valid only for wear & tear and manufacturer faults – not for abuse or misuse of the system. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re using your Klargester system correctly, as set out by the manufacturer. Further terms and conditions apply.

To activate your warranty, register online here: