Campion Academy School delighted and overwhelmed by Rockpanel
October 2021

Campion is a popular Secondary Academy School situated at the heart of its diverse Sydenham community in Royal Leamington Spa. The school is engaged in a four year expansion project, phase one of which has concluded with the completion of a new 17 classroom maths and science block.

Pick Everard were appointed by building owners, Warwickshire County Council, as architect for the project, with Ashe Construction as main contractor and SD Samuels responsible for installation of the Rockpanel facades.

Delighted and overwhelmed by results

Campion School Business Manager Brian Langley, “We are simply delighted with the result and our pupils have been overwhelmed at the design and usability of the building and its landscaping. One obvious feature, so often mentioned by our pupils and school visitors alike, is the Rockpanel Chameleon cladding which envelopes the whole building with its ever-changing colour pallet depending on the time of day, weather and position around the building. This feature has fascinated the pupils and is very apt in regard to the clever science behind its construction.”

The school is formed by three rectangular structures using a mix of single pitch and flat roof profiles set at slight angles to one another. The architecture draws on a limted scheme of materials which includes grey brick, light render and grey windows and doors under a Zinc coloured low profile standing seam metal composite roof to create a contemporary but unfussy aesthetic, offset by a two storey glazed entrance at one end with a curved canopy set above slim, angled circular support beams. One long side of the building sits at the base of a low grassy bank which limits its impact on the land around it.

The Rockpanel Chameleon cladding is set along the whole of the two long elevations in a solid horizontal band of vertical rectangular panels between the two floors with additional panels extending between the windows at ground and first floor levels to form 6 columns. The central band of cladding continues through the main entrance elevation.

The unique characteristics of Chameleon

Chameleon transforms any facade into an eye-catching feature that is constantly changing, always striking and inspiring. The angle from which it is viewed and the effect of the sunlight has the effect of altering the surface colour of this unique offering. The range is available in a matt finish and in a choice of three grades of gloss. At Campion the colour spectrum changes from purple through green to blue, but other colour variations are also available. Ths phenomenon is made possible by a special crystal effect layer which will last throughout the product’s long life.

Made from natural and sustainable volcanic basalt rock with an organic binder, all Rockpanel facades are highly resilient, weather, temperature and UV resistant, requiring little or no maintenance. It is lightweight and easy to cut on site without the need to seal edges – making installation quicker, saving time and money. At Campion the panels were fixed with resilient powder coated rivets.

Rockpanel’s John Porter, “Rockpanel Chameleon enables specifiers to explore new possibilities and realise their most creative ambitions. It can satisfy the most rigorous fire safety standards, making it the perfect choice for both new build, renovation or retro-fit. Rockpanel has been used extensively in the education sector and The Rockpanel team is always on-hand to offer bespoke, comprehensive technical information and support.”

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