Good Directions - Camel 3D Weathervane
October 2021

Camel 3D Weathervane

Good Directions recently had the pleasure to manufacture a bespoke copper 3D weathervane as a retirement gift to one of our customers living overseas.

This copper weathervane was replicated from a pre-existing design of a weathervane and turned into a new and exciting product. We cut two camels out of copper sheet on our waterjet cutter, which were shaped and dressed with care and precision using a hammer and sandbags to individually form each half. These halves were then formed and structured around the support tubes on the inside of the camel to allow the weathervane to stand and rotate freely. Afterwards, they were soldered together to complete the 3D camel. The finishing touch of this weathervane came in the form of treating the copper to create a burnished patina, to give a beautiful weathered bronze effect allowing it to proudly stand out against the sky on the customers roof.

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