ION Glass - How to Choose a Heritage Glass Specialist
October 2021

And ensure your church or heritage structural glass project meets ALL the necessary criteria

What are the key points to establish when choosing a structural glass specialist for a heritage or ecclesiastical building?

Vision and sensitivity

To fully understand the needs of the people as well as the building. Thoughtfully prepared designs, bespoke glass manifestations, individually commissioned fixtures and fittings or the need for privacy glass or automatic doors

Technical Design Skills

You need to engage a company who can take your idea from concept to reality. The idea has to go from notepad to detailed CAD drawings, taking into account all the nuances of your individual building.

Accurate Surveying

Surveying and measuring ancient buildings to ensure your glass fits perfectly requires a high level of skill and the benefit of computer aided equipment. Every curve of your corbels needs to be recorded.

Structural engineering

The knowledge and ability to ensure the glass meets all structural requirements and building regulations whilst also meeting (and ideally exceeding) the aesthetic considerations

Experienced installation teams

It's so important that any company engaged in heritage or ecclesiastical building work is experienced in this field. Working in sensitive environments is very different to working on a commercial building site!

Ion Glass deliver the best available structural glass service for heritage and ecclesiastical projects, with many years of experienced in this specialist area. We have the breadth of knowledge and skills to support your project from start to completion.

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