Litter Picking for World Cleanup Day
September 2021

World Clean Up Day is one of the biggest global movements of our time. Our world has a very large littering problem, with a lot of waste ending up in the ocean, therefore damaging sea life and the ecosystem.

On Saturday the 18th of September, 180 countries across the world took part in
World Clean Up Day, in an attempt to save out planet from litter.

Advocates for Protecting the Environment

At Newton, we are big advocates for taking action in reducing plastic waste and improving the environment. Therefore, when BITA (The British and Irish Trading Alliance) joined World clean Up Day, we joined in too!

Our team gathered outside our Tonbridge offices o Saturday 18th of September. At 9AM, out group split up into multiple different groups, all taking different routes round Tonbridge. They then convened at Tonbridge Park. By splitting into several groups, it allowed us to clean as much of Tonbridge as possible. It was a fantastic day out for everybody involved, and we collected a total of 25 bags of rubbish! We will definitely get involved in next years event too.

Thank you to the Tonbridge Green Party for joining our efforts, and supplying the litter pickers. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and did their part for our community.

Newton's Sustainability Initiatives

With several innovative sustainability initiatives, we are committed to reducing out impact on the environment whenever it is possible. This includes initiatives such as the Newton Recycling Service, our highly successful, award-winning closed-loop recycling service. This was the first of its kind in our industry, run in collaboration with out nationwide network of Specialist Contractors.

The scheme operates through our team of drivers who collect plastic waste from construction sites, return it to our head office in Tonbridge, Kent. Then, it is processed into chips to be made into construction products. Since 2017, we have prevented over 20 tonnes of HDPE Membrane from going into landfill. We have also prevented 22.79 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

In 2021, this service has been expanded to recycle plastic and metal containers from out liquid waterproofing products. We save over 7000 containers from landfill every year.