Glasdon- A New Gatehouse for Oxford Brookes University
September 2021

Oxford Brookes University's new gatehouse provides quality security housing to meet the safeguarding demands of the university’s ever-expanding community.

Excellence in Diversity

Oxford Brookes University began its life as the Oxford School of Art in 1865. Having since acquired university status, it is a public research university in Oxford, UK, committed to helping its students achieve their potential.* With a growing local, national and international reputation for teaching and research excellence, Oxford Brookes University required a new security housing unit to match its status as one of the UK’s leading modern universities.*

Our solution: The Warrior Modular Building System.

Versatile and Adaptable

The Warrior Modular Building System offers flexible, cost-effective choices for security houses. Available in an extensive selection of colours and with multiple panel options, glazing choices and interior fittings, the design of each building is adaptable to individual specifications and applications, including gatehouses, factory offices, toll booths and kiosks.

Delivered fully assembled, the arrival of the new gatehouse at Oxford Brookes University adds to the excellence on offer.

With a plastic-coated steel exterior and a robust, corrosion-free aluminium framework, the building will withstand hardened weather conditions to ensure it continues to provide excellence and comfort well into Oxford Brookes University bright future.

Create Your Own

Suitable for indoor and outside areas, the Warrior has options for either a pitched or flat roof and comes in various standard and non-standard colours: moorland green, light grey, Aztec yellow, goosewing grey, poppy red, solent blue and white. Fully customisable, the Warrior is available with custom graphics and logos and full graphic wraparounds. A free visualisation service is available when inquiring about personalisation. To enquire about a custom design, request a quote.