A new brand identity and logo for Schöck
September 2021

Schöck will have a new look from January 2021. Innovation has always been a key part of the company’s philosophy and the new branding is intended to represent a more authoritative and contemporary look going into the new decade. The ‘Schöck seal’, combined with the use of upper-case type, symbolises even more strongly the promise of delivering reliable, consistent quality; at the same time maintaining strong relationships between the company, its customers and its employees. The strapline will continue to be: ‘Dependable by design’.

Schöck’s primary focus is on the development of structural components that make a substantial contribution to building physics. For example minimising thermal bridges, preventing impact noise in buildings and reinforcement technology solutions. Mike Bucher, CEO of Schöck AG comments: “Schöck has developed very successfully over the last 30 years. Our company is now more innovative and international than ever – and we want to present this to the outside world.”

The most striking feature of the new design is the logo. The blue used in the logo is darker and becomes the leading brand colour and the Schöck name is now presented in upper-case type. The new trademark – ‘the Schöck seal’ – is represented by two interlocking brackets. “The new Schöck seal stands for a clear promise. It is a symbol of quality and value, of reliability and security” explains Mike Bucher. “These are values that are at the core of our actions, even in times of digital transformation.”

An important challenge in the revision of the design was to meet the requirements of both the digital and the analogue world. The new logo can be used flexibly and is easily recognisable on all devices, from a small smartwatch, to large scale, such as on one of the six factory roofs.