Consort Claudgen Launches New Downflow Fan Heaters
November 2020

Consort Claudgen have launched two new downflow fan heaters. The DF2 and DF2SL Heatflows provide rapid warmth and adjustable heat output of 1kW or 2kW at installation. The DF2 Heatflow has a simple pull cord operation. Once the heater is activated, it operates on a pre-set period of 30 minutes or can be deactivated before the energy saving timer expires by pulling the cord again. The DF2SL Heatflow has a variable thermostat and requires a separately purchased wireless controller to operate. It is compatible with Consort’s SL run-back timers and advanced wireless controllers offering a longer heating period as well as more efficient heat control. With sleek and compact design, yet practical functionalities, these heaters make the perfect choice to suit building owners’ heating requirements for bathrooms or kitchens.

For more details, visit or contact Sales at 01646 692172.