New Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens brings new twist to concept of bathing with Kaldewei
July 2021

The launch of the new Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens brings a new twist to the concept of bathing…

Kaldewei is an expert in the manufacture of eco-friendly, sustainable and 100 % recyclable bathroom solutions and was delighted to be part of this exciting and prestigious project on London’s South Bank, developed by Ballymore and EcoWorld Ballymore.

The Sky Pool has a frame which weighs 50 tonnes; it is 8 inches (200 mm) thick with a 12-inch (300 mm) thick base and is nearly 10 feet (3.0 m) in depth, resting on an invisible steel frame.

Because of their excellent quality, Kaldewei products were fitted in all the tower apartments either side of the Sky Pool. The shower trays and baths are all created from Kaldewei steel enamel and it is this fusion of steel and glass, which makes the products extremely strong and durable like the Sky Pool! However, if all the baths in both towers were filled with water they would not come close to filling the Sky Pool; which at 82 feet long, with 46 of those suspended in mid-air, it is longer than most Olympic sized pools which when full contain over 2.5 million litres of water.

As Kaldewei ‘bathers’ tend to stay inside and enjoy the privacy of their own bathing area, the inclusion of the Cayono Puro bath or the Centro Duo 2 bathtub with is central waste and two identical back rests make elegant additions to any bathroom.

In addition to the baths the floor-level Superplan XXL’s, with its flush – fitting recessed waste cover and generous dimensions, (they go up to 1.8 metres), ensures greater freedom of movement when showering; whilst Kaldewei’s Secure Plus anti-slip finish, which is virtually invisible and guarantees safe footing, an essential requirement when walking on any wet surface.