Entrance Matting at Manchester Metropolitan University
June 2021

Combining the former Mayble Tylecoate and Grosvenor buildings, MMU’s new Arts and Humanities hub uses INTRAflex XT entrance matting for a classic aesthetic.

With the listed portico and the internal glass vestibule at the main entrance providing some shelter from the elements, the architect specified a primary entrance matting system with INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts in Anthracite 607.

This fibre has an exceptional tuft count to provide 5.4l/m2 of absorption, combined with the highest Class 33 Wear Rating.

To enhance performance with this simple primary entrance matting system, the specification provides a substantial walk-off area.

With 19,550mm wide entrance matting, entry through the main portico doors offers nearly 10,000mm of walk-off in either direction. While the adjacent pass doors are protected by entrance matting that measures 3629mm front-to-back.

This substantial walk-off area exceeds the BS7953: 1999 minimum of 2100mmm (designed to accommodate a single wheelchair wheel revolution). It also exceeds the WELL standard recommendation of 3000mm for creating a healthy entrance.

At the rear entrance, the barrier matting stretches the full 5510mm width of the corridor. The revolving door and further 2587mm of walk-off ensure additional steps on the matting to keep floors slip-free.

Clear anodised INTRAflex XT entrance matting profiles, combined with Anthracite fibre is a classic look favoured by many clients.

Manufactured in oversize panels, the dividing t-bar profiles perfectly align with the wall junctions to provide a clean aesthetic; this also ensures the primary traffic zones are free of joins.

As one of the UK’s greenest universities, according to the People and Planet University League, a sustainable specification was essential.

Recycled and recyclable aluminium profiles, combined with 100% Econyl regenerated nylon fibres provide a truly sustainable specification.

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