New: Duravit Design Center now also comes in virtual form
June 2021

New: Duravit Design Center now also comes in virtual form

Dive into the new digital, interactive experience of inspiring Duravit bathrooms – anytime and anywhere
With Duravit’s new, virtual, interactive exhibition, the Duravit Design Center is open to visitors 24/7. The online showroom means that friends of quality bathroom design can conveniently navigate through an exhibition extending over 1,600 m² and a range of fully installed bathrooms by mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. In a second phase, the virtual exhibition is to be extended to the middle of the year: more exhibition space will be virtually accessible, products will be provided in the form of a set list for download.
Visitors can experience a 360° view of a wide range of contemporary furnishing styles – from the entry-level bathroom right through to the top-of-the-range, full comfort bathroom. An especially practical feature is that additional product benefits can be accessed as videos or via additional links.

The user can select floor-plan or walk-through mode of the virtual exhibition for a comprehensive overview and can move freely in the 3D space for a near-authentic experience of their future bathroom. Hotspots enable the necessary information to be retrieved easily and conveniently – along with entertainment in the form of videos.

Those who want to can subsequently configure and furnish their very own bathroom in the 3D bathroom planner – all in the virtual space.

Duravit’s new virtual showroom also showcases special subjects such as HygieneGlaze – the glaze that inhibits bacterial growth. Or also light and mirrors with contactless control and a range of SensoWash® shower-toilets that are equipped with a range of hygiene and feel-good functions. Similarly, the new and innovative HygieneFlush flushing system offers optimum flushing performance and maximum antibacterial protection.