Creating Safe and Hygienic Entrances to Grange University Hospital
June 2021

With health and wellness a top priority, a high-performance commercial entrance matting system is essential within hospitals and healthcare settings.

Using INTRAform DM Low Profile entrance matting with a combination of inserts, BDP created multiple safe and hygienic entrance points to Grange University Hospital (GUH).

About the building

Serving over 600,000 people, this world-class healthcare facility treats patients needing complex emergency or critical care. Offering 471 beds, it is home to more than 40 specialist services.

In addition to the main entrance, the building has multiple access point including staff changing areas, an ambulance entrance with associated trolley traffic and other pedestrian entrances to different clinical areas.

Many of these entrances are in use 24 hours a day and exposed to the elements.

The Solution

Following consultation with the INTRAsystems specification team, the architect selected clear anodised INTRAform DM Low Profile entrance matting.

With its heavy-duty closed construction aluminium planks, INTRAform DM Low Profile is ideal for locations with high foot and wheeled traffic, such as this busy hospital.

The closed construction offers ease of cleaning, while the low-profile design provides a cost-effective solution without compromising performance.

Extra-wide insert sections ensure maximum contact with footwear and wheels to deliver optimum dirt and moisture absorption over smaller areas. Along with the clear anodised finish, they also help to minimise strobing which can be an issue when specifying contrasting fibre and wiper bars.

Modified Zonal System

To maximise performance, all entrances to the hospital use a modified zonal system within a single internal, recessed matwell.

All the mats feature an initial section of multidirectional rubber inserts which gives exceptional scrapping action to remove debris and excess moisture at the threshold.

At the main and ambulance entrances to the hospital where traffic is heaviest, the mats feature between 2 and 4-metre sections of rubber to ensure multiple footsteps or wheel rotations are affected.

Following the initial sections of rubber, INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts thoroughly remove the remaining dirt and moisture.

INTRAlux Elite offers exceptional tufting per square metre which provides superior comfort and acoustic absorption. With 92,990 tufts per square metre, INTRAlux Elite can absorb and retain 5.4L/m² - perfect for the inclement Welsh weather.

By specifying a modified zonal system, the architect has created a robust yet cost-effective entrance matting system to maintain safety within the building and extend the life of internal floor coverings.

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With entrance matting providing the first line of defence against dirt and contaminants a robust entrance matting specification in hospitals and healthcare settings is critical.

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