Graphenstone - Can paint reduce pollution?
June 2021

Can paint reduce pollution?

The answer is yes. But not just any paint. Due to natural, ecological ingredients, Graphenstone's lime-based products actively reduce air pollution. And it does so via an old and trusted material that has been used for hundreds of years and which continues to transform homes into eco-friendly places: natural lime.

Unlike ordinary paints, once applied to ceilings and walls, Graphenstone's lime paints absorb CO2 through a natural carbonation process. During the drying of the paint, a stoichiometric reaction occurs: the lime reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, returning to calcium carbonate; in effect, it becomes limestone again in a process known as "the lime cycle".

This CO2 absorption process is mainly concentrated during the early months after the application of the paint. However, the reaction is continuous over time, albeit on a smaller scale. This means that Graphenstone lime-based paints never stop absorbing CO2 from the environment and cleaning the air that you breathe.