Graphenstone- Does your Paints Brand offer more than just beautiful colour?
June 2021

Here are some remarkable statistics:

The construction sector consumes 50% of all raw materials. It produces 39% of all carbon emissions. It causes 36% of all waste and 49% of total carbon emissions over the life of a building (source - WasteBuild).

We can all play a key part here, whether architect, interior designer, manufacturer or contractor.
Your choice of materials can help significantly in protecting our fragile climate!
For example in paints, one of the most polluting industries in the world, selecting and specifying newly developed 21st Century 'harm-free' products using advanced technologies, as opposed to the same old toxic options used over recent decades, can make a huge difference.

BREEAM, LEED & WELL complaint, Graphenstone is certified for health and sustainability by the world's most recognised product evaluation agencies (Cradle to Cradle Institute, Eurofins, Green Tag, as examples). These world class independent professionals take a holistic approach. They examine all aspects of a product's sourcing, development, energy, water and social impact, as well as how cleanly it dies off, at end of life. We hold the highest levels of certifications.

Graphenstone offers durable, air-purifying mineral paints in over 1000 colours, absorbing CO2, with no toxins, preservatives, or plastics.

Clearly now is an important time to change direction. You can choose ecology, air-purity and CO2 reduction.

And still have the most beautiful, rich and luxurious paints in the world.