ION Glass - How to increase natural light in heritage buildings
April 2021

The problem
Traditional wooden doors are dark and uninviting when closed, whilst increasing draughts and causing heat loss when open. They can be foreboding and off-putting for visitors, heavy in use and challenging for less able visitors, the elderly and parents with buggies or small children.

The solution
Replacing wooden doors with Ion Glass bespoke glass doors offers many benefits

Improve the light flow into the interior of the building
Allow the doors to be closed as appropriate to avoid heat loss
Can be set to stay open during times of high traffic
Provide a welcoming view of the interior for visitors
Give the option of full security and alarm protection
Fully automatic doors offer easy access
Precise measurements ensure a perfect fit in arched or carved surrounds
Fixtures and fittings complement the style of the building
Bespoke manifestations to your design

Case Studies
St Dionis, Parsons Green
The front entrance of the church of St Dionis is in the heart of Parsons Green, close to shops and overlooking the green itself. But the original wooden front door looked dark and uninviting, off putting for visitors and gloomy inside.
Replacing the wooden door with glass and opening up the bricks on either side to include two full height side windows has transformed the entrance, which now welcomes the local community to a packed itinerary of events.

Holy Trinity, Wantage
Automatic glass doors Holy Trinity Wantage
Use of Holy Trinity church had dwindled to a few hours each week. The church was reordered to allow it to welcome visitors for weekday community events as well as Sunday services. A key aspect was to enclose the draughty wooden porch with glass panels and to install a pair of external automatic glass doors set into a bespoke arched glass screen.

Fully secure, the new glass doors can be kept shut when the building is in use, increasing the warmth whilst maintaining the flow of natural light to the interior. The original heavy arched wooden door was retained but cut in two, creating user friendly double doors to the interior.

St Mary's East Molesey
Welcoming church entrance
The original wooden doors to St Mary's at East Molesey were dark and off-putting, at variance with the vibrant community activities that take place on a daily basis.
The doors were replaced with fully frameless, bespoke glass entrance doors precisely designed and manufactured to fit the shaped stone surround. A contemporary glass manifestation designed and produced by Ion Glass features the words 'St Mary's East Molesey', welcoming the wider community into the church every day.

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