BRAND NEW CPD - How to Specify Welded Wedge Wire Grilles
April 2021

INTRAsystems is delighted to announce the launch of their BRAND NEW CPD, ‘How to Specify Welded Wedge Wire Grilles’ with their first live, open-access session confirmed for 12th May.

This versatile material offers a wealth of possibilities within construction and design.

From heavy-duty applications, such as trench heating /drainage covers, balustrades and walkways, to more lightweight uses such as service screening and suspended ceiling panels, welded wedge wire grilles are a stunning addition to any project.

With such variety and flexibility comes a range of technical considerations, so this brand new CPD is essential viewing for anyone involved in specification.

During the 1-hour presentation, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully specify welded wedge wire grilles for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

The session provides you with a complete understanding of this versatile material, covering product construction, fixings and finishes, specification options and creative applications as well as performance ratings, standards, and sustainability factors.

By the end of the session, you will have a complete understanding of:

• Types of grilles and gratings- what is welded wedge wire?
• Configuration options and considerations for drainage, airflow and aesthetics
• The different materials and finishes, when to use them and why
• Applications and benefits
• Sustainability and performance
• Design possibilities and product innovation

All backed up with real-life case studies and example specifications - plus a Q&A at the end to answer questions specific to your learning needs.

As well as a series of open-access presentations, starting from 12th May, INTRAsystems can deliver private sessions online or in-house to suit.

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