Bronze Entrance Matting at Credit Suisse, One Cabot Square
April 2021

Home to the international banking giant, Credit Suisse, since its completion in 1991, the postmodernist One Cabot Square has recently undergone extensive refurbishment.

To maintain a safe, clean entrance befitting this renowned institution, bronze anodised INTRAform entrance matting runs the full length of the lobby.

Encompassing three revolving doors and pass doors, the matting measures 305m across and 3.5m deep at the widest point.

These generous proportions exceed all recommended standards for entrance matting to minimise both slip hazards and wear to the interiors.

The primary entrance mat combines bronze profiles with INTRAlux Elite polyamide fibre inserts in Grey 606. To further minimise visual disturbance, the matting aligns perfectly with the slatted feature wall and ceiling overhead.

The thick, luxurious pile weight for underfoot comfort combined with the class 33 wear rating make INTRAlux Elite a popular choice.

Made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon, INTRAlux Elite provides 92,990 tufts and 5.4 litres of absorption per square metre for superior performance

Bronze profiles are continued into the three revolving doors. Here, the fibre is combined with ribbed rubber inserts to maximise the removal of dirt and grit. This ensures minimal ingress onto the primary internal matting, where remaining moisture can be fully absorbed.

This two-stage zonal approach ensures dirt and moisture is removed and retained on even the most inclement days.

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