Nestor Martin’s THS 15 double-sided rotating stove
April 2021

Nestor Martin’s THS 15 double-sided rotating stove

Slim and elegant, the THS 15 is the ultimate addition to a contemporary open-plan living space with an impressive tall flame when switched to maximum setting. With a heat output of 2-5kW, it comes with a high quality gas burner with top or rear flue and a handy remote control for convenience and comfort in one. A fantastic room divider and centrepiece of any scheme, this double-sided rotating gas stove offers something truly unique.

The THS 15 is also available as a single or double-sided design without the rotating feature, as well as single or double on a stand or as a single or double-sided inset model. Minimal in design but maximum in style, innovation and heat output, it’s the perfect gas stove solution for modern homes.

Chris Baines, managing director of Eurostove says: “This gas stove really does bring something innovative and unique to the market and is perfect for today’s modern, multifunctional living spaces.”

Nestor-Martin is one of the oldest stove manufacturers still trading today. Established in 1854, its stoves are designed to efficiently burn natural gas and can be adapted to burn propane. They are also tested to meet the highest standards of performance, safety and emissions for both gas types.

The Nestor-Martin THS 15 double-sided rotating gas stove costs from £3,625.