Duravit offers lifetime warranty
April 2021

Duravit offers lifetime warranty

Quality that impresses
Duravit sets great store by the precision and sustainability of its ceramic development and manufacturing processes.
This is the result of a profound belief in the product quality, which is epitomized in the new, lifetime warranty on ceramics for selected countries.

End customers can register their Duravit ceramics up to three months after purchase via an easy online procedure at www.duravit.com/lifetimewarranty and will receive a personal certificate.

However, even if a material, manufacturing, or construction defect is identified at a later stage, they can make a claim against the dealer from whom the ceramic was purchased. In a warranty case, Duravit will bear the costs of replacement as well as installation and removal of the product in question.

This applies to over 20 ceramic ranges with immediate effect.

For further information and to find out which specific products are covered, visit www.duravit.com/lifetimewarranty