Duravit’s new ‘HygieneFlush’ flushing system is revolutionizing the toilet market
April 2021

Perfect flushing performance and maximum antibacterial protection
Twice the hygiene: HygieneFlush flushing system plus HygieneGlaze antibacterial ceramic glaze

Maximizing hygiene in the bathroom and toilet has never been easier: Duravit presents the world novelty “HygieneFlush”.
The successful toilet models in the ME by Starck range now also come with the HygieneFlush flushing technology plus the unique and highly effective antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze. The toilet is also available as a SensoWash® shower-toilet.
The innovative feature in the HygieneFlush system is the powerful volume of the flush which flows from two separate openings. Independent tests show that this new flushing technique optimally cleans the entire inner surface of the toilet. The perfectly attuned water flow creates a vortex that guarantees an ideal flushing action at all times using only 4.5 l of water.

This new technology – developed by Duravit – ingeniously combines the idea of a rotational flush with the open Duravit Rimless flushing rim technology and deploys two parallel flushing actions. Thanks to repositioned openings, the frontal area of the toilet is cleaned flawlessly every time whilst avoiding unwanted splashes.
All new HygieneFlush toilets come with the tried-and-tested HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze as standard to guarantee even greater hygiene. HygieneGlaze eliminates bacterial growth to previously unheard-of levels: after just six hours, 90% of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are eliminated, with 99.9% eliminated after 24 hours. The antibacterial glaze is baked into the inner bowl of the toilet during firing, so it is effective in the areas particularly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria. Together, these two Duravit hygiene features – HygieneFlush and HygieneGlaze – afford maximum hygiene, cleanliness, and protection for a real feel-good factor in the bathroom.