Rainbow seats for NHS
April 2021

Rainbow seats for NHS

One of the best meanings of rainbows is assurance and appreciation, which is why it makes such a great symbol for the NHS and has been so widely used over the last year as a sign of thanks for all their hard work. Seeing a rainbow is a beautiful gift, and the perfect time to be grateful for all the positives in our lives.

Neptune Street Furniture have developed a range of Rainbow seats manufactured in brightly coloured eco-friendly recycled plastic. A rainbow seat brings colour and joy to any park or garden but also gives the opportunity for reflection and enjoyment of our surroundings.

Used by the NHS these Rainbow seats have been used to brighten up hospitals and gardens, as friendship seats, buddy benches or as memorial seats for lost members of staff. The colourful slats can be personalised by being engraved with meaningful quotes or memories of loved ones.

For more information on the complete range visit: www.neptunestreetfurniture.co.uk