April 2021

ACO GravelGuard

ACOs GravelGuard stabilises gravel for pedestrian and vehicle access making the system ideal for driveways, paths, public areas such as parks and roof surfaces.

The incorporated geo-textile helps to reduce weed growth and speed up installation. Correctly installed, ACO GravelGuard is suitable for loads up to
300 t/m2, more than enough for its applications.

• Manufactured by ACO in Germany
• Ideal for pedestrians and vehicle access
• Unimpeded drainage of surface water
• Robust system, yet lightweight product design
• Suitable for domestic vehicles, foot traffic and easy movement of prams and wheelchairs
• Large tiles with attached membrane for quick installations

Applications include:
• Garden paths and terraces
• shed bases
• Parks
• Caravan parks)
• Courtyard areas
• Parking spaces
• Access roads
• Driveways

Features include:
• One tile per 1.8m², 5.6 tiles per 10m²
• Each white tile is manufactured from 100% polypropylene
• Integrated filter fleece can be easily cut for irregular edging
• Robust/strong honeycomb structure with in-corporated water permeable fleece
• Extra-large mats (1200 x 1600 mm) for quick and easy installation
• Using the ground stabilising points incorporated within the tile, they can be pinned down, making it suitable for gradients up to 10% (24 pins needed per tile) 12 pins needed per tile for up to 5% gradient.

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