Glasdon - Go Combo™ for Quick Service Waste Management
April 2021

If you're looking to make improvements in your restaurant or quick service operation the Glasdon Combo™ range is a great place to start.

Large Capacity for All Environments
Combo™ Catering Waste Bin With Stainless Steel Trim Kits

Specially designed for quick-service environments where food is prepared or consumed, Combo Waste Bins offer versatility and optional features that can really boost the efficiency of waste management for your teams and your customers.

With a large 140 litre capacity and robust design, this multi–purpose food waste bin reduces the time and trips needed to empty waste and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Its smooth contours ensure dirt does not get trapped and allows for easy cleaning, while durable construction means it can withstand all weather conditions, and will not chip, rust or rot.

Create Your Own Combo
Combo™ Waste Bin in Cool Light Grey with Red Door and Red Aperture Colour

With the Combo you can easily match your branding or a chosen colour scheme to make them unique to your company.

Choose the bin body, door and aperture in one of 5 colours to create an attractive, eye-catching combination. Add a stainless-steel trim to match interior finishes.

The colours available are Black (15% recycled content), Cool Light Grey, Dark Blue, Deep Green or Red.

Personalisation is also available, so if you would like to add a logo or need a different colour combination just talk to our team.

Optional Extras for Improved Efficiencies
Combo™ Waste Bin Options for Tray Top and Wheel Kit

Choose from many options that can help make the day-to-day operation run more smoothly and efficiently.

Tray tops coupled with a tray restriction bar are a great addition which not only encourages customers to dispose of their own waste correctly but helps save clearing time for your team too.

A rear handle and wheels kit helps for ease of movement when relocating the bin to another location.

A special model of the Combo Catering Waste Bin is also available with a stainless-steel aperture flap and tray top kit, ideal for both indoor or outdoor areas.

Choose from 5 different colours to mix and match, with optional extras available to add, such as fixings, a rear handle and wheels kit, and a tray restriction bar kit.
Go Large with Combo Delta™
Combo Delta™ Large Aperture Litter Bin

Ideal for car parks and drive-thrus, Combo Delta™ has been specifically designed for efficient quick-service waste management.

It features a large open funnel aperture and target graphics which encourages use and guides waste into the bin.

The standard ‘target graphic’ is also moulded into the aperture to catch the users eye when disposing of the waste.

The curved sloping hood provides weather protection and also prevents waste from being discarded on top of the bin. And Combo Delta is also available in a range of different colours and with personalisation so you can create a waste solution that suits your brand's personality.

Designed to be hard wearing, the Combo Delta manufactured in Durapol® Material has excellent strength and is impact-tested in our Quality Assurance Laboratory as part of our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 test procedure.