Pegler - Benefits of Heat-Free Jointing
March 2021

At Pegler, we recognise that the restrictions of naked flames on site and difficulties in acquiring hot work permits add unnecessary stress and obstacles, which is why we offer heat free jointing methods through our press-fit and push-fit technology ranges.

Since its inception in the late 1950’s, press-fit technology has been a high quality and efficient solution used across a multitude of projects. Our press-fit range offers pivotal benefits such as the jointing being very clean and fast without the need for heat. Moreover, it doesn’t leave behind carbon deposits, so it takes less time to flush the system and there is consequently less corrosion.

With Push-fit technology being introduced more recently in the 1980’s, it’s fittings are compatible with multiple pipe materials. Furthermore, this makes it ideal for diverse applications such as domestic maintenance and refurbishment, new build and large-scale public sector projects. Key benefits offered by the Pegler push-fit range include cost savings made through the lack of hot works permits again and the consequent benefit of more accurately made fittings compared to the traditional technique in which a blowtorch could lead to incomplete and unsatisfactory jointing.

Additionally, with technological advances occurring constantly, heat free jointing is set to continue its longevity in the future creating even more potential benefits such as further savings in installation time compared to traditional methods.

We have an extensive range of heat free jointing technologies through: VSH Tectite, VSH XPress, VSH PowerPress, VSH Shurjoint, VSH Multipress, Prestex and Kuterlite. All of these brands exhibit the modern innovation and ease of no naked flames and display just how we are able to make faster and more efficient connections.