Graphenstone Future Proofs the Value of your Home
March 2021

Buyers pay more for Sustainable Homes!

Dear Friends,

Redrow research recently discovered that almost 63% of house buyers seek an environmentally friendly home. 82% are even willing to pay more for homes with sustainable features. That's a powerful statistic.

The vast majority of consumers are concerned about climate change. Given housing generates 29% of all UK carbon emissions, we should be building homes with more sustainable features, evaluating materials and designs that are key to reducing emissions and environmental impact.

Awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold, the ultimate accolade, Graphenstone is the most certified sustainable paints company in the world. With less than a single gramme of VOC's per litre, our non-toxic paints actively PURIFY your air! Free of plastic, harm-free, vegan, rich and beautiful, there has never been a more advanced, durable paint option to change the way we decorate our spaces.

"Trust but Verify", said Ronald Reagan! Ask your suppliers for independent evidence of their green credentials, processes and ingredients, especially in light of today's trend for excessive ecological claims.

Let's 'Paint Different', with a clear conscience and give people what they desire.

Best wishes,

Patrick Folkes