Why Choose a Gas Stove?
March 2021

Gas Stoves are still very popular in todays market, with almost 80% of UK homes having access to or being powered by natural gas, there is a huge opportunity to have a gas stove installed in your home.

Most of the gas stoves we offer are available in either natural gas or LPG versions so even if you don’t have a gas connection at home there’s still an opportunity to have the stove of your dreams.

Once you have decided to have a gas stove installed in your home, you can start to narrow down your options by deciding whether you want to have an ultra modern appliance or a more traditional stove that has the appearance of a standard woodburning stove. Between our Mendip Stoves and Nestor Martin brands we can offer a wide range of gas appliances to suit any home or installation.

With so many different styles and models to chose from, a gas stove can be a brilliant choice for your home, without the expensive chimney costs that arise from having to have a full height chimney as with woodburning models, there are a number of different ways you can install your balanced flue gas appliance.

All of our gas stoves feature an easy to use remote control so you can control the realistic looking flames of your stove from the comfort of your sofa.

Our top gas stoves are:

Mendip Stoves Ashcott Gas – Available in LPG and Natural Gas

Ashcott Gas

This traditional looking stove is perfect for a traditional fireplace, its got the same cast iron door featured on its wood burning counterpart, and once burning gives you the same cosy feeling.

Nestor Martin Stanford 25 – Available in Natural Gas

Stanford S25 Gas Stove

The Stanford 25 is larger than the Ashcott and has the traditional stylings you’d associate with the Nestor Martin Classic Stanford range.

Nestor Martin THS 360 – Available in LPG and Natural Gas

THS 360 degree Gas Stove

If you’re looking for a statement gas stove then look no further, perfect for open plan rooms and the modern home, the TQH can rotate 360⁰ on its base which lets you enjoy the fire from any angle.