Flexseal launch new look labels
March 2021

In the spirit of incremental improvements, Flexseal continually coordinate many projects to improve the communication of vital product information to customers, both merchants and end-users. One of the more recent projects we’ve worked on is an overhaul of our product labelling.

Product labels are a vital source of data and useful information. In the case of fast moving products, we as a manufacturer, sometimes have limited contact with end-users and therefore a simple product label connects us somewhat to our end-user customers at large.

From a merchant customer perspective, high quality labels can be the difference between good and bad customer experiences. At Flexseal, we take our role in contributing to our merchants value proposition really serious and put the essentials in place to ensure when stock lands in branch or distribution center, the products can be easily identified and feature all relevant and accurate information.

With all this in mind, we took the opportunity to update and improve our labels to make them more user friendly and bring them in line and consistent with our current brand visuals. We talked to customers for feedback and used this as the basis for improvements.

“We’ve simplified the label designs and colours to emphasise and draw attention to both the Flexseal brand and the key product information. These are two pieces of information our customer base told us were really important to them.”
Daniel Roberts, Marketing: Graphic Design Specialist at Flexseal.

These new labels have already started to roll out into the market, and we’re now seeing these on merchant shelves and in application. We’d love to see your photographs of Flexseal’s, so feel free to upload them to LinkedIn or Instagram and tag us.