Zehnder reacts to The Future Homes Standard Consultation
February 2021

Zehnder reacts to The Future Homes Standard Consultation

The Government has published (19 January) its long-awaited response to The Future Homes Standard Consultation, setting out plans to improve the energy performance of new build homes, with all homes to be highly energy efficient and zero carbon ready by 2025.

Ru Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager (Ventilation) at Zehnder Group UK, the indoor climate solutions specialist, said: “We welcome the government response to this consultation, which aims to make homes more energy efficient by embracing smart and low carbon technologies.

“We are especially pleased to see that the consultation includes proposals to tackle overheating via a new overheating mitigation requirement in the Building Regulations for new residential buildings.

“Overheating in buildings is a 21st century phenomenon that has a far-reaching impact, causing discomfort and misery to the lives of millions of people across the UK.

“The introduction of a new overheating mitigation - along with other plans and timeframes set out in the Government response - provides a much needed and long-awaited pathway for the creation of greener, smarter and more comfortable homes that are fit for the future.”