ION Glass - We’ll Find a Solution
February 2021

Difficult access to a job doesn't rule out using structural glass. We've installed glass in some very challenging situations including inside historic buildings, a penthouse apartment on the ninth floor of a building or jobs that involved lifting the glass over the top of the building.

If we need to let the crane take the strain we'll manage all the logistics, including risk assessment and health and safety.

Opening up roof spaces in lofty churches is a useful way of increasing internal space without increasing external footprint. But it often means that stained glass windows designed to be well out of reach are suddenly accessible and vulnerable to damage.

Installing a bespoke glass panel across the front of the window will protect the glass without detracting from either the beauty of the original design or the light flow.

Accurate measurements are essential! Whilst the old adage measure twice, cut once might suffice for many building materials, we need to go once step further. We use digital measuring techniques for a flawless result around stone corbels, hand shewn wood, intricate brickwork and ancient floors.

Ensuring that our structural glass fits accurately, especially in challenging heritage environments is key to the overall success of the project.

Sometimes it's the smaller, niggly challenges that provide a disproportionate level of satisfaction. As part of a much bigger project a client wanted a bath screen for an over-bath shower in a small bathroom.

We created a fully frameless, bi-fold screen with sprung, self-centering hinges which is full sealed when in use but allows the screen to fold back flush to the wall at all other times.
The expert team at Ion Glass will provide technical advice to support our full design and installation service whether you are managing a project for a church or heritage building or commissioning structural glass for a residential or commercial property.

For more information on our solutions in secure glass doors, automatic glass doors, internal or external balustrades, structural glass porches, glass screens, glass linkways or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.