SAS Europe - Beware of ProBead Imitations
February 2021

ProBead high-quality 100% UPVC Beads are extensively tested, certified with a 25-year BBA and trusted by renderers and plasterers for more than 20 years, making ProBead a market-leader.

Beware – while you may recognise the distinctive oval punch hole of ProBead, there are copies on the market. These are not made with the same high quality external grade UPVC, do not have 3rd party accreditation, and will not give you the reliability and durability you expect from ProBead.

Ensure you are getting our 100% UPVC beads by asking your supplier for ProBead by name - or call us direct to confirm your purchase of high-quality ProBead.

ProBead oval punch

Manufacturers of bead have previously used the established standard of identifying brands by their different punch holes, but please be aware that there is another manufacturer using the ProBead distinctive oval shape. ProBead’s unique and original profiles are precision engineered to the highest standards. Be careful that you are not sold an inferior product without the BBA certification that is required by the LABC ad NHBC.

Please contact us if you have any queries, we will be happy to confirm that you are purchasing geniune ProBead, the key to a sharp and reliable finish.