Kingspan Tribune Xe gets an immersion heater upgrade
February 2021

Kingspan’s premium cylinder just got better!

Did you know that from the 1st September 2019 all Range Tribune Xe cylinders have been fitted with a new titanium immersion heater.

This represents a significant upgrade on the standard incoloy version, with titanium immersion heaters well known for their durability and long lifespan. The extended operation of a titanium immersion heater is due to the naturally occurring dioxide film on the titanium surface, which prevents or substantially reduces the build-up of harmful scale that can result in premature failure of the immersion heater.

In addition to the lifetime benefits, research from the University of Wolverhampton shows that titanium immersion heaters can also provide energy cost savings at around 6%, possibly more.

The new immersion heater design has eliminated the previous two-part setup with specialist gasket, removing the need for dedicated tools to change the immersion heater. By adopting a one-piece design with an integrated 55mm nut, the installer can make use of a standard size box spanner and ordinary ‘O’-ring seal, dramatically simplifying what was an awkward process of balancing separate components whilst tightening the nut and trying to keep the fiddly ‘O’-ring in place. With the new design it’s as simple as screwing or unscrewing any normal immersion.

Andrew Ogden, Head of Technical, explains why Kingspanhas made this move:

“We’re constantly reviewing our products and looking for ways to improve them for our customers and both installers and homeowners can benefit from this change. We have made the change to ensure Tribune Xe remains our premium option. This gives customers a real choice when selecting the right cylinder for their project and although the change helps all our customers, it really benefits the growing number of customers working on high rise projects who only use direct cylinders, and with the immersion heater being the primary heat source, it’s important to be able to offer them a titanium option as standard”.

The new immersion heater is only compatible with models of the Tribune Xe manufactured from September 2019, but plans are in place to release an adaptor to enable existing Tribune Xe owners to be able to benefit from the titanium heaters.

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