Aliaxis Our PVC fittings are now better than ever
February 2021

In our continued commitment to improve solutions for our customers, we are pleased to announce a series of design changes across a number of our Durapipe PVC-u metric fittings, which have been developed to further enhance performance.

The new product designs have been implemented on the elbows, sockets and equal tees (25mm to 225mm) of our PVC-u range, which is heavily utilised within the waste water treatment sector. Now benefitting from an increased wall thickness in several critical areas, the new products offer much greater reinforcement, ensuring increased levels of durability, and the introduction of new alignment indicators help to make the installation process easier.

One of our new PVC-u elbow fittings

In making these updates, we have been able to improve the performance of our PVC fittings in a way that greatly benefits the end-user, without affecting the critical dimensions. Therefore, all pre-existing installation guidance and product information will remain the same. As such, users need not worry that these updates will adversely affect existing installations or force a change of current working or purchasing practices.

Speaking on the new changes, Richard Pedley, PVC Product Manager at Aliaxis, commented: "As a company, we appreciate that product development must be a constant process in order to provide our customers with access to genuinely industry-leading solutions. Moving forward, many of our PVC-u fittings are now able to offer even higher levels of performance. Amidst this effort, we have also persevered to retain all pre-existing critical dimensions, which helps to eliminate any potential disruption for our customers."

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